Personal Health & Well-being –

Taking care of one’s self is of utmost importance.  If we don’t take care of us, both physically and mentally, we can’t achieve the goals we set in life. I will partner with you in learning how to live the Aloha Spirit, which has to do with loving ourselves in order to love others.

Relationships –

Whether you want to strengthen an existing relationship or looking to make new connections, relationship is like a dance between two people. You have to know when to lead and when to be led. It’s all about finding balance in that relationship. I can help you look at different perspectives so you can better those relationships or connections with family, friends and peers.

Career & Leadership –

Whether you’re looking to make a change in your career or excel as a leader in your current job, I can provide coaching on areas of yourself that may have been undervalued for some time.

To learn more about how I incorporate coaching into my hula practice, tune into the Circles podcast, where I was invited to co-host three episodes with my friend and coaching peer, Karen of ThinkImpact –—Jeralyn-Kabigting-ek53rs

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